Be sure to read through this welcome packet to find out more about what to expect and how to prepare for your newborn session.

In the lounge menu is your portrait session agreement.  Please read thoroughly and sign. We are unable to complete any services without the completion of the portrait agreement. 


Your newborn session includes a pre-session consultation, up to 4 hours of shoot time, custom editing and retouching of 20 images, and an in person reveal/ordering session (order is placed and paid for at this time).


i’m expecting a baby in a few months. should i schedule a newborn session when i have my baby?

The best time to schedule your newborn session is when you are still pregnant. *It is never too soon to schedule your newborn session! We will pencil in your due date and that will serve as your tentative session time. We never take more than 3 sessions per week, so we will always have an available spot for your newborn within his/her first 2 weeks of life. That brings us to our next FAQ…

how soon should our baby have newborn photos?

Newborn sessions are best done within the first 5-10 days because being so new and fresh from your cozy (cramped) womb, they are still quite sleepy and bendy. The sooner you let us know you’ve had your baby, the better.

i love the simple styling i’ve seen in your images. do you provide the props?

Yes! We provide all props and try to keep styling minimalistic so focus remains on baby. We are always happy to talk through styling details with you during your consultation.

is the session just about baby or can family members be incorporated?

Absolutely! What is a better way to celebrate your new bundle of joy than capturing your love in a photograph together? We do try to keep the session baby-centric. But, we love to incorporate immediate family members into the session if you decide that is something you want.

i missed the age cut-off for newborn photos. do you photograph older babies?

Yes! We love capturing milestone sessions (3, 6, 9, and 12mo). You have the option to schedule one milestone session or you can schedule multiple millstone sessions with a baby bundle and receive a session discount!


What to do:
Try to not feed your baby for 2 hours before the session so they are hungry.
Try to keep your baby awake for 1 or more hours before the session so they are sleepy.
The room will be very warm, near 85-90*F so it is still cozy when the baby is nude.
Bring your little one in loose fitting clothing so that there are minimal clothing indentations.

What to bring:
Bring at least 2 bottles for baby to eat. If you are nursing, try to pump at least two bottles for feeding.
Please bring a pacifier - SOOTHIE brand is preferred. 
Bring one special item you would like to incorporate, such as theme item or family heirloom.
Bring an extra set of clothes for you and baby because everybody poops, especially babies.

Upon Arrival:
Once your baby is undressed you will get to feed your baby, this will make your baby ready to sleep and easy for the session.
Once your baby is fed I will take him/her and we will begin the session, so relax and enjoy (babies can smell fear).

Keep in mind:
For older siblings bring a toy or special snack for them to feel special.
Keep clothing simple and cohesive.
Be patient, chances are your baby will cry and that's ok, we are used to soothing newborns. It will feel like there is so much time being spent soothing your baby, but that's ok we are still getting great shots of your little one.