Be sure to read through this welcome packet to find out more about what to expect and how to prepare for your baby session.

In the lounge menu is your portrait session agreement.  Please read thoroughly and sign. We are unable to complete any services without the completion of the portrait agreement. 


Includes pre-session phone or email consultation, up to 45 minutes on location or in studio (add-on a cake smash at the 12mo milestone for only $75), custom editing and retouching of 20 images, in person ordering session (order is placed and paid for at this time). 


what should i expect from a milestone session?

Milestone sessions are so sweet. We absolutely adore every moment of capturing littles as they learn to hold their head up while on their tummy, to taking those very first steps.

We suggest doing the sessions 2-4 weeks after the milestone age for 3, 6, 9, 12 months. This will guarantee we are able to document what the milestone signifies in the portraits. At 3 months we will capture your little one holding their head up on their tummy, and their sweet facial expressions. At 6 months we will showcase your little one sitting unassisted, with sweet baby rolls and precious smiles. During the 9 month session we will capture your baby standing with assistance, as baby is crawling fast and getting ready to walk. At the 12 month session your little one will likely be walking (if not running) around! We love adding a cake smash to one year sessions to commemorate your baby’s first year.

how should i prep for my studio session?

Schedule your session for a time that your baby will be awake and happy (i.e. before or after afternoon nap). Dress baby in comfy clothing for the drive to the studio and get them changed into their clothing after you arrive. Bring snacks and a bottle (or allow for nursing breaks). If baby starts getting fussy, we will ask mom to give baby a snack to remove them from the stimulation of the session and before a meltdown escalates. Bring a change of clothes for baby. It is common to have babies with spit up, or ones that are heavy droolers during the session. If baby has a special toy/lovie, bring it. It may even be a cute addition to the session!

how should i prep for my outdoor session?

While we only do outdoor sessions early mornings or evenings, schedule for the time that is best for your baby. If baby wakes early, choose morning. If baby goes to bed later, choose evening. It is important to always dress baby for the weather! This is especially true for the brisk spring/fall mornings. Runny noses and goosebumps make for a difficult session. We will choose a location with simple greenery and that has worked in the past.

what should my baby and/or i wear?

For babies, expect us to photograph at least a portion of their studio session with just a diaper cover. We find that clothing does not always photograph well on younger babies that are not sitting as it tends to bunch up and become distracting. We do have some diaper covers, rompers, and shorties here in the studio for client use. As babies grow, outfits are a fun way to add variety to the session. Soft neutral tones lend themselves beautifully for a studio session, but some pop of color can be fun too. This goes for parents too!